The Graceful Winter (December, January and February)

Although it will be cold in the mountains but it has its own charm that warm up the heart of the visitors. The mountain peaks seems to have surrendered themselves to the tempting snowflakes ultimately covering them in white blankets, while every single Bhutanese seems to smoke a lot but the smoke is not from a cigarette rather it is exhalation of internal warm air. The most amazing thing to see in December is the Dochula festival where a half naked yogi (staging the life of the famous Tibetan Yogi, Milerapa) sits on a mat in open ground the for more than 30 minutes in an altitude of 3100 meters followed by the contemporary dances. And the graceful winter provides shelter, food and water to the rare and endangered winter visitors, the Black-necked cranes that arrive in Bhutan in late October and leave for Tibet in mid February. It is not only the cranes who fall in love with Bhutan but the visitors too have the same effects.