Hot Spring Therapy

Every water in Bhutan is so refresh and clean that every time you dip-in your soul is cleansed radiating positive energy and it is has an innate potential to cure ailments

Lhojong Menjong is one of the names referred to Bhutnan for many centuries and still widely used and spoken in praise of its medicinal richness. The country got its name Lhojong Menjong (Southern Land of Medicine) after the medicinal herbs and other medicinal properties in other forms were found abundance in Bhutan. The abundance of medicinal herbs/plants and age old healing traditions has helped Bhutan to preserve and promote the medical tradition and its practices enshrined in the Buddhist texts and seek blessings from medicinal Buddha.

Tshachu (Medicinal Hot Spring) and Menchu (Mineral Spring) therapy has been one of the tradition of healing and wellbeing practices to heal/treat diseases and it is one of the way that serves the purpose of relaxation and a form of recreation. Hot Springs and mineral springs has been scattered all across Bhutan which is considered to be sacred and has the potential to heal various disease and ailments. Today Bhutan is 10 Tshachus and 26 Menchus with various healing properties.

Some of the popular hot springs are:-

Gasa Tshachu, Gasa

Chuboog Tshachu, Punakha,

Koma Tshachu, Punakha

Duenmang Tshachu, Zhemgang

Dhur Tshachu, Bumthang

Gelephu Tshachu, Gelephu

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