Tour of Dragon

The Bhutan Olympic Committee (BoC) presents the one day Mountain Bike race, the Tour of the Dragon.  The race is aptly named the Tour of the Dragon, not only because it is held in Bhutan which is called the Land of the Thunder Dragon, but also because of its difficulty.  It is as difficult as to conquer a dragon, so it is difficult to complete the race.

The race is considered one of the most challenging one-day events in the world; the race covers 268 kilometers of absolutely stunning Himalayan landscapes as it takes cyclists from central to western Bhutan.  Bikers will traverse indomitable mountains, travel through pristine, virgin forests, over babbling streams and raging rivers of crystal clear water and across four high mountain passes.

Set amid the high mountains of Bhutan, the race covers elevations ranging from 1,200-3,340 meters. Much like the infamous Paris Roubix, the Tour of the Dragon is the perfect event for seasoned cyclists looking to test their mettle. The race is held on the first Saturday of September every year. This is the perfect time for the race as the monsoons have just ended and the cool, crisp autumn weather is just starting to set in as the heat of summer fades.

                                                    Do you think you can do it?


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