Wang’s Testimonial

After 20-year frequent business trip around the world, I decided to fly somewhere I feel belonging to. As a Buddhist, Bhutan is the holy place I cannot miss! Due to a nice karma, I met Karma to start my pilgrimage trips.

Karma is a very experienced tour guide with solid knowledge of Bhutan culture. He always provides nice traveling consultation, itinerary and introduces us Bhutan unique culture in many holy places. Not only showing us the splendor sceneries, Karma also takes us to try nice food and rest in cozy places. I was impressed by visiting west side of Bhutan, however, Karma managed to bring us to Middle Bhutan by car safely and we had a great traveling memories in life!

As a tour guide, Karma has been seeing/meeting many people around the world, I didn’t see him influenced by outside visitors since the 1st time we met in 2015, instead, he promotes his country and culture to us frequently. Being a visitor, it’s always important and nice to have an experienced local tour guide to provide fair comments/suggestions/advises for us to better understand the places and mitigate potential risks where we’re visiting. Karma and his team are the best I’ve ever experienced!

With Karma’s profession and enthusiasm, I have been enjoying several trips in Bhutan. Going forward, I’ll keep exploring Bhutan together with Bhutan Myway and highly recommend you to join me!